Safe Travels

Your flights are booked; rods, reels and flies are all accounted for; and your passport’s current. Congratulations, you’re traveling to the Bahamas—one of the friendliest, fishiest nations on the planet.

At Abaco Lodge, on Great Abaco Island, we’ve been hosting intrepid anglers such as yourself for almost a decade. During that time, we’re proud to say we’ve had an impeccable safety record. Sure, accidents happen. But they can also be mitigated, and that’s something we as a company take seriously. Bottom line, your safety matters to us. And because we care, we ask that you be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially when those surroundings constitute water.

Or in our case, an ocean.

Even though you’ll spend most days patrolling shallow, nonthreatening flats for cruising bonefish, it’s true that fishing, boating, and traveling in general are inherently a little risky. That said, we control what we can control, ensuring that skiffs, engines, and equipment are up to the task. As for elements we can’t control, such as weather, we do our best to assess and plan accordingly, closely monitoring forecasts, while making sure everyone onboard—guides and guests included—are ready for the unforeseen.

Whether it’s a freak storm (requiring appropriate rain gear, and laying aside your rod in case of lightning), or a legitimate health issue (necessitating some fast thinking), please know that our entire team has advanced wilderness first aid training. The lodge is also equipped with a defibrillator. And all our skiffs carry EPIRBs (emergency position indicating radio-beacons), a satellite phone, and an extensive first aid kit.

Additionally, we’ll be eating plenty of delicious food during your stay at Abaco Lodge. If you have any known food allergies, let us know prior to your visit. Fresh seafood is a menu headliner from time to time. Ingesting contaminated reef fish can cause ciguatera, a rare foodborne illness. If you prefer to dine on something other than fish, rest assured our chef has an array of tasty options to satiate your appetite. Don’t be afraid to ask.